Professor Radu Tunaru appointed as a reviewer for the British Council Newton Fund

Professor Tunaru’s appointment as a reviewer for the Newton Fund supports the Fund’s work to build scientific capacity in emerging economies.

In December 2013 the UK Government announced the establishment of a new £375 million five-year Emerging Powers Research and Innovation Fund (subsequently called the Newton Fund), to promote scientific capacity building in emerging economies on a match-funding basis. The Fund forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment and its primary purpose is to use science and innovation to promote the economic development and welfare of partner countries. It runs in 16 countries: India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, Kenya and Kazakhstan.

As a reviewer Radu will undertake reviews of research proposal received under the Newton Fund Programme and other similar programmes.

Visit the Newton Fund website to learn more.

Professor Radu Tunaru has been working in Finance since 2000 and specialises in Structured Finance (credit risk), Financial Markets and Risk Management, Real Estate Finance and Model Risk. He has over 60 publications to date and he is currently Head of Finance group in Kent Business School and Director of Centre for Quantitative Finance Research (CeQuFin).

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