Training Workshop – A Multi-disciplinary Research Approach to Environmental Sustainability Modelling: Methods and Applications

The increased attention to sustainability in management research and practice is because firms have begun to recognise that there is a business case for sustainability.

Organisations must be able to measure the impacts and benefits of their activities in their supply chain. This will ensure that the environmental implications of business decisions either at the strategic level or day-to-day operational level are taken into account before the decisions are made in the first place.

Despite the benefits of environmental sustainability activities being generally recognised, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding within the management research community regarding the requisite techniques and tools needed for such measurements approaches, and consequently its applications in practice.

The workshop programme and professional development activities have been designed and being led by Environmental Sustainability Research Experts from academia and Specialist from business and practice. This workshop will specifically:

  1. Introduce Environmental Sustainability Assessments (three measurement techniques will be taught) and enhance the skills and knowledge base of participants.
  2. Address key theoretical, methodological and application issues and challenges and so enable participants to set a research agenda.
  3. Explore ways researchers can include environmental sustainability in wider research questions.
  4. Enable researchers and practitioners to demonstrate and promote the value of integrating sustainability into business operations
  5. Develop a community of environmental sustainability researchers.
  6. Launch the first Environmental Sustainability Methods network in the UK and initiate an open-source Knowledge Hub.

The training workshop is taking place on:

Date: Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 January 2019

Venue: Kent Business School, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Cost: Free. There is no cost associated with attending the workshop.

Register now to secure your place on this event. If you need any further information on the content of the event, please contact Dr Adolf Acquaye.

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