Dr Maggie Zeng’s Video Lecture on Studying Business in the New Industrial Revolution


Kent Business School’s Dr Maggie (Jing) Zeng, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship has spoken on how to develop a competitive edge in a new Think Kent video.

Dr Zeng’s research explores emerging strategies in the new industrial revolution, business ecosystems and dynamic capabilities. Her recent Think Kent video entitled ‘What can you really get out of Business School in the new industrial revolution?’ explores how university students should be prepared for the challenges to come and how they can develop skills and knowledge that will make them ready to be competitive in the future.

As Dr Zeng describes: ‘The new industrial revolution, or what some people refer to as ‘Industry 4.0′ is going to have a significant impact on business as well as our every day lives. The opportunities and changes associated with this radical technological development will fundamentally change or shape how we think about business management systems, our jobs and our education system. I have been researching this area over the last 5 years and I would like to bring more people’s attention to this subject.’

The lecture also examines how, as entire industries adjust, most occupations will undergo a fundamental transformation. While some jobs are threatened by redundancy and others grow rapidly, existing jobs are also going through a change in the skill sets required to perform them.

Over eighty Think Kent videos are now available on the University of Kent YouTube Channel.


If you would like further information about Dr Zeng’s research you can visit her staff profile page, or find out about our postgraduate programmes on our course pages.

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