Dr Michele Bigoni Wins Kent Union Above and Beyond Award

Kent Business School’s Senior Lecturer in Accounting Dr Michele Bigoni has won a Kent Union Above and Beyond Award.

Michele was nominated anonymously, and the award was presented by MSc Management student and Course Representative Stephen Knight:

‘Dr Michele Bigoni’s teaching ability is extraordinary. He is engaging, encouraging and has great contact with the audience. He is to KBS what Messi is to football. He is a lecturer who can make even management accounting more interesting! Most importantly, he always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He is always available if you cannot make it to his office hours. Our course assignments are returned way before the 3-week deadline. I can also comment, as someone in his seminar group, that there is no question that’s too ridiculous – he is always very patient and explains it carefully.’

The Above and Beyond Award allows students to nominate any outstanding members of staff throughout the academic year. There is no official award ceremony, but students surprise the recipient as they are working or even teaching and present the award; an Above and Beyond mug and certificate.

‘The award came quite as a surprise to me, and of course, I have been delighted to know that students have appreciated my work. From my experience, as a student, I have appreciated the difference a lecturer can make to student learning and engagement, and in my career, I have always sought to be the lecturer I would have wanted as a student. Having joined the University just a few months ago, I have put a lot of time and energy in preparing and delivering my lectures, but receiving this sort of recognition has more than repaid my effort. I would like to thank my wonderful students for this award, which is a stimulus to keep up the good work.’ – Dr Michele Bigoni.

Congratulations Michele from all at Kent Business School.

Dr Bigoni is the module convener for AC521 Management Accounting 1 module, part of the Kent Business School BA Accounting and Finance programme. As well as this he teaches on CB937 Financial and Management Accounting, a masters’ level module offered to students from different pathways, including MSc Management and MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

If you have a member of staff you’d like to nominate for going above and beyond, click here to nominate them.

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  1. Fantastic
    Something I’ve always wanted to express.
    You deserve it Dr Michele Bigoni

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