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Rula Kheetan

Read Kent Business School student Rula Kheetan’s blog in which she shares her experience of the Brussels Summer School and examines how the experience has enhanced her cultural perspectives.

Kent Business School sponsored two KBS students to attend the Brussels Summer School in June of this year. The Summer School was centered on the theme of ‘Europe and the World’ which builds upon the academic strengths of the school. Over a period of two weeks, students participated in a series of guest lectures, seminars and debates delivered by academics, policy-makers, diplomats and European civil servants. The Summer School allows students to discover how the European Union functions with a particular focus on how it acts as a global organisation and the challenges it faces in today’s world.

We heard from second year Accounting and Finance student Rula Kheetan on her experience of the Summer School and how it has enhanced her cultural perspectives.

My Interests

My vision for my future in the world has shaped my actions, decisions and ambitions. Having been born and raised in Jordan, a Middle Eastern country of constant economic fluctuation and ever-present in international disagreements that gain worldwide attention – I was intrigued by business and politics. I chose to study Accounting and Finance at the University of Kent to build on my interest in business. I make sure my interest in politics is nurtured by attending courses outside of my studies, including the Brussels Summer School in June of this year. The Summer School revolved around an experience outside of my field of study, but the idea of studying an unfamiliar subject in a foreign country sounded even more exciting.

BrusselsFresh Perspectives

The University of Kent Brussels Summer School was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. The opportunity to study abroad, especially at The University of Kent based in Brussels was very exciting. The University is known for its diverse community of students from all around the world and therefore allowed me to experience tuition from multiple cultural perspectives. This was the highlight of my experience since I was not just experiencing tuition from one culture’s point of view, but many, thus gaining a sense of global unity and cultural openness.

I have always believed that for one to grow, not just academically or intellectually but as a human being, one has to gain a wide range of experiences. First-hand experiences are proven to produce the most valuable knowledge. With this in mind, having the opportunity to visit the European Parliament during a time of radical changes, including Brexit and a series of terror attacks, was definitely an insightful experience. It’s Parlamentarium visitors centre is designed to be interactive, and can be experienced in all 24 official EU languages. We were guided through the Parlamentarium by a handheld multimedia guide, explaining the history and pathway that lead towards the European integration, how the European Parliament works and the role of its members in today’s worldwide challenges.

Political Counterpoint

We are currently living at the height of many important political events. No matter where you live or how interested or knowledgeable you are in politics, you will eventually be dragged into the political spectrum. I, for instance, was hooked on the first day, after taking part in a political debate, experiencing the gravity of the EU Institutional System. The main issue revolved around the 2009 Decision No. 406/2009/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the effort of Member States to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to meet the Union’s GHG emission reduction commitments for 2020 (the “Effort Sharing Decision”).

Aside from the implausible faculty members and providing world-class facilities, this program presented me with the opportunity to share deep ties with like-minded, creative international groups who shared the same intellectual thirst. This, paired with the country’s amazing liveliness and vibe, made for a summer that is not easily forgotten.

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