Product Placement Gets Ellen to Take a Selfie — Real Time Content Marketing Lets LG Joke Back

Ellen’s selfie stunt produced the most retweeted image of all time! Whether you like the fact that it was a staged product placement or not is not the point because it was brilliant. What I think is even more brilliant was LG’s real time content marketing response suggesting a G2 would have enabled Ellen to take the selfie herself instead of handing the phone over to longer armed Bradely. So what are the things to learn from LG Jordan’s response to Ellen’s selfie?

1. Real time social communication is becoming more real than we think!

And yes, it has gone global, creating a platform for everyone to talk, joke and share. Something funny sparks in Hollywood, and an office in Jordan jokes back. The fun is no longer limited to a small group that any brand can predefine.

2. What happens in the Oscars does not stay in the Oscars.

The details of the story, no matter how trivial, can be exposed and magnified. Oscar Selfies are being recreated everywhere because people know a lot about how the original one was made.

3. You can no longer impose your product and expect it to just fly, you don’t live in a vacuum!

If you put your product out there, be prepared for a real time product analysis and a competitive review — which shouldn’t be a problem. This is how life is — people are talking and comparing anyway. Just know that now it is going to happen online where you can see and hear.

4. Real time content marketing, and any social media activity for that matter, is not waiting for you neither for your client to believe in its value.

While you are busy trying to calculate the pros and cons, and while your client is getting approvals, your competitor has stolen the moment and has risen to fame. Tough luck!

5. Jordan and the Middle East are in this social game!

While some clients or ad agencies think that this region still have a long way to go, cases like this suggest otherwise. We have what it takes in terms of creativity, social media understanding and technology; we only have to overcome resistance and fear, agencies and clients alike!

6. Be simple!

When the opportunity comes snatch it! Don’t waste time complicating and perfecting. Don’t invent a rocket just say something, spontaneous, real and human that would make people smile!

7. “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible” — David Ogilvy.

For ad agencies, listen to ideas and keep them coming from everyone at the agency! You never know which inspiration is going to hit the chord and create a success. Try to capture your internal jokes and real conversations about brands and products and how they relate to occasions and send them out there for people to see!

8. Don’t be intimidated by what your competitors are doing.

Samsung sponsored the Oscars, gave Ellen a phone, and LG still managed to find an opportunity.

9. Don’t stop thinking!

Although Real Time Expected Opportunities (we all knew the Oscars were happening and a lot of buzz is going to happen!), are a must capture for brands and agencies, you must not stop thinking even if you miss this opportunity. Real time content marketing has given more power to reactive thinking, there is always a new moment that people are sharing and talking about that a brand can connect with.


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This article first appeared on the Huffington Post on 03/07/2014


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