Student Implant Scheme – work alongside a graduate student

What is it?

• The Scheme provides an organisation with an opportunity to hire a graduate student studying on either our Masters degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or Business Analytics

• The graduate student will be available for one day a month, from January to April, and full time from June to August, during which time they will work on a project specifically tailored to your business needs.

• The chosen top quality graduate will put their learning into action to deliver a successful project for you.

• Projects can cover a range of areas including marketing, consumer research, new product development, data analysis, optimisation, forecasting, project management and decision analysis.

• For example, data analysis could be used to predict future events and behaviour in order to trigger targeted market campaigns, guide sales activities, advance core business capacity, improve product manufacturing and optimize operations.

• The scheme is open to all companies regardless of size, sector, or location.

Any costs?

Other than payment of direct costs incurred by the student (i.e. travel expenses or costs associated with market research), there are no direct financial costs involved.

Read more about the Student Implant Scheme or contact Cathy Norman at or 01227 82 7192.


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