Using Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CXJM)

A practical example of where to begin

The Requirements Team’s journey to Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CXJM) began with a free workshop delivered by Oracle in London. The workshop introduced the concept and benefits of CXJM and provides an eye-opening exercise moving away from the business and systems process mapping and placing ourselves in the customers’ shoes. It visually illustrates customers’ processes, needs & perceptions throughout their interaction and relationship with an organization. This results in identifying opportunities to improve systems or processes to improve the customer experience.

Full details of methodology and CXJM toolkit

Requirements Team trailed the method in the office for one project, with positive results which helped to add a new perspective and provide additional evidence to recommendations. This included an explanation of how changes could be made to improve the customer experience, while saving time and money running a particular service within IS.

The CXJM experience need not take any longer than 90 minutes and will help a team focus on their customers’ experience and result in clear objectives to improve the journey. For more information, please email