Unit 4 Business World (UBW)

We would like to remind staff wishing to access UBW, guidance can be found on our UBW Wiki. https://sharepoint.kent.ac.uk/finance/Agresso/UBW/SitePages/Accessing%20UBW%20From%20Home.aspx To access UBW Web, please copy … Read more

Unit4 Business World (UBW)

We have successfully upgraded Agresso to the latest version of Unit4 Business World (UBW). To access the new Wiki please use the following link until … Read more


It’s easy to access Agresso off campus using either a University owned device or your own device. You must be connected to the University via … Read more

Agresso Upgrade

Please be aware the upgrade of Agresso to Unit4 Business World (UBW) is scheduled for the week commencing 18th November 2019. Users will be restricted … Read more

Agresso Update

Planner Module – Go Live Date 4 September We mentioned in our June news blog that a new module called ‘Planner’ will be implemented. The … Read more

Agresso Upgrade

Agresso Upgrade – Scheduled for November 2019 In November the Finance Systems Team will be upgrading Agresso.  This is necessary to ensure compatibility with future … Read more

Credit Card Posting on Agresso

We are pleased to announce that a new transaction type has been set up in Agresso for transactions made using University credit cards. From now … Read more

Agresso Support Update

To access the Wiki, please visit: https://sharepoint.kent.ac.uk/finance/Agresso/training/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/ A guide of all the E-Learning modules that are available can be found here: https://sharepoint.kent.ac.uk/finance/Agresso/training/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/E-Learning.aspx  

Agresso E-Learning Module Update

New Module Available Soon! Introduction To Workflow Covering the following: Workflow Overview Requisition Workflow Enquiry Requisition Workflow User Log Purchase Order Workflow Enquiry Purchase Order … Read more