UBW Guidance

Please remember that DA code has a maximum length of 4 characters. We are aware that some screens allow the entry of more than 4 … Read more

Staff Update

We would like to wish Jonathan Solley, our previous Foreign Loans Officer, all the best for the future as he has now left the University. … Read more

Conference Bookings and Key Travel

If you are planning on attending conferences in future, and are offered discounted or special rate conference accommodation arranged by the organiser, please note that … Read more

Financial Year End 2022/23

In preparation for the upcoming Financial Year End 2022/23, please go to the Financial Accounting (sharepoint.com) for the guidance notes and deadlines for providing information … Read more

Purchasing Card Update and Reminder

All users/holders of Procurement Cards are reminded that you must follow the Procurement Card procedures. This includes signing and approving your monthly statements and transactions, … Read more