Best practice at Kent

We have a number of reading lists that support liberation history months with resources we already have in our library collections:

Some of our academics have also shared their experiences of looking for diverse resources for their reading lists:


Best practice at other institutions

Sharing resources and experiences with academic colleagues both at Kent and beyond can support your work to diversify your materials.

We have compiled a collection of reading lists from other institutions across disciplines that may also be a good starting point when thinking about making changes to your own. These are resource lists from colleagues that have already done this  work and share publicly with others outside their institution . Please feel free to add your own or others you find.

The Open Syllabus project collects, analyzes and shares millions of syllabi around the globe. This can help in the development of classes and associated reading lists and is searchable via discipline and country. This allows academics to idenitfy potential diverse resources but can also highlight the predominance of Global North resources across the global academic community.

You can also search the catalogues of universities which have international collections, including those in Africa, Asia or South America: