Expanding narratives

Introducing personal stories and narratives can be an affective and engaging way in which to expand on perspectives across disciplines and topics and improve representation as part of teaching and research practice. This could include the opportunity to integrate contemporary views and context to topic areas and help to make them accessible and relatable for a range of lived experiences and views.

The Templeman Library has developed it’s Love to Read collection that includes access to a range of physical and electronic titles that consist of fiction, true-life stories, and a range of other non-fiction titles to foster and promote leisure reading at Kent. These titles have been selected in collaboration with students and include genre’s and narratives across multiple and often intersectional perspectives.

Physical titles in this collection can be browsed and accessed in the Library Cafe space of Templeman, electronic titles can be viewed via our access to Libby Libby – University of Kent (libbyapp.com)

Stories from the collections

Between me and the world by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Unmasking autism: the radical power of embracing our neurodiversity by Devon Price

Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera

Wandering Souls by Cecile Pin

Haramacy by Zahed Sultan

No one round here reads Tolstoy: memoirs of a working class reader by Mark Hodkinson

Further research

Personal stories: how students social and cultural life histories interact with the field of higher education

Contesting neoliberalism through critical pedagogy, intersectional reflexivity and personal narrative: queer tales of academia

The personal is pedagogical (?) : personal narratives and embodiment as teaching strategies in higher education

The joy of many stories: zine-making and story-mapping in planning pedagogy

If you feel there are titles that would be relevant for the collection please get in touch via our recommend a resource page