Explore books from the Global South

The Templeman Library continues to diversify it’s digital collections

We are committed to diversifying our library collections at Kent. Our latest initiative is designed to support students and staff that want to use resources originating from the Global South.

We have teamed up with ProQuest’s Ebook Central to make 6,000+ ebooks available from publishers from Global South regions. These are all available as ebooks so accessible 24/7 and are published in English or other native languages.

This collection will be beneficial to those academics applying for the Diversity Mark award and is a key resource in our Diversity Mark toolkit for convenors.

The collections will be added to as new titles are published and cover a broad range of disciplines that are taught at Kent. You will find academic textbooks, books and edited collections that are written by and from the perspective of these regions.

There are two ways to discover this collection. Either browse the platform or search on LibraySearch by topic and then filter by geographic region.

The video below shows you how to browse and add titles to reading lists.


If you are interested in applying for the Diversity Mark or simply interested inĀ  including a broad range of persecptive and authors within you reading lists then your Divisional Liaision Librarian can help identify the soutrces and collections for you to explore.