There is a range of places you can start looking for job opportunities. Below we list some of the key locations. Make sure you register with TargetConnect, JobShop and Linkedin (see below), and that you follow the latest announcements on this blog as well. Finally, remember: networking is important, so spread the word that you are on the job market.

TargetConnect: listings via the University’s Career and Employability Services

JobShop: listings via the Student Union

Linkedin: professional network

Prospects: graduate jobs, internships, placements

Milkround: graduate jobs, placements, internships

Sanctuary: graduate schemes, placements, internships

Student Ladder: graduate schemes, placements, internships

Bright Network: graduate jobs, placements, internships

Graduate Recruitment Bureau: graduate jobs, placements, internships

Student Circus: international student jobs

Rate my Placement: internships and placements

Calls for Curators