Where to look for placement & Internship opportunities:
You can also look on more general recruitment website such as Indeed or Total Jobs or just Google Placements in….. or internships in ….
Latest opportunities:
Insight Events
Virtual Internships
Language Talent Programme Ref. 2626 – Recruitment Services (applicationtrack.com) – 11-week summer internship at GCHQ for final year students studying Russian Mandarin or Turkish
Change 100 – Paid summer internships for students with a disability
10,000 Black Interns – paid internship in a sector of your interest


If you would like help with finding a Placement or internship, or updating your CV, writing an application or preparing for interview please email artshumsemployability@kent.ac.uk or book a 1:1 appointment on Teams or in-person via Target Connect. Go to appointments and select online or on campus Arts and Humanities student appointment with Kate Buchan.
You can also get help from the Careers and Employability Service