Workshop Assistant Opportunity

Deadline: 20th October

Workshop Assistant – Responsibilities

In advance

  • Dress code: smart casual, e.g. shirt, jacket, smart jeans
  • Bring DBS certificate and photo proof of identity (e.g. driving licence or passport)
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time
  • Take photo of school sign – post in WhatsApp
  • Check with teacher if any participants cannot have photo taken
  • Collect consent forms, checking that we have one from every student
  • Set out the room – 5 tables, each with 5 chairs

During main workshop

  • To help and encourage students (in groups) to write scripts for a podcast or short video
  • Hand out paper and felt-tips when the presentation gets to the mind map
  • During mind map and script writing, move amongst the tables to help/answer questions, suggest ideas, brainstorm with students
  • Once they begin script-writing, distribute a set of info sheets to each table
  • Take a selection of photos to reflect the activity – post in WhatsApp

During final hour (while recording is being done in separate room)

  • You will have a member of school staff with you throughout this final hour
  • Encourage/help remaining groups to complete their script
  • Make sure groups have a call to action at the end of their script – explain, guide them to relevant contacts on info sheets
  • Encourage groups to rehearse and time their script – they shouldn’t go through to record until rehearsed
  • Arrange order of which groups record next, based on which is ready next
  • While each group is waiting to record, have them complete feedback questionnaire
  • If needed to kill time, have groups complete Wordsearch (reverse of feedback)
  • Collect finished scripts after recording – collate with that group’s consent forms
  • Ask teacher to complete teacher feedback form
  • Expect challenging behaviour, but the teacher is in charge of discipline – try to encourage but don’t get involved in attempting to force students to take part

Essential Attributes

  • Punctuality
  • A valid DBS Certificate
  • Own transport or ability to get to schools for start of school day
  • Interest in media/drama, education or law enforcement


  • Assisting in a series of media-driven workshops on the topic of online safety, supported by Kent Police and funded by the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • The role is best suited to someone over 18 with an interest in a career in either education, media/drama or law enforcement.
  • There would be work on approximately 5-10 days in total during the weeks commencing 16th October, 30th October and 4th December 2023 with the possibility of further work in early 2024.
  • Each ‘day’ would be 3 ½ – 4 hours long and would be paid at £60.
  • The work will be in schools across north Kent so own transport is preferred.
  • The appointment will be subject to an online interview and training

This would run as a self-employed opportunity, so you would be invoicing the company for your time. This is a key skill to learn for working in creative industries.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to:

Please note interviews for suitable applications will take place on a rolling basis – so apply ASAP!

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