BFI Film Academy – Free Webinar

Monday 21st August @ 7:45pm

August Lab – Creative Powerhouses: The Role of Producers in Film & TV

Are you passionate about film and TV, with an interest in the creative process beyond directing? Do you enjoy both the creative and business aspects of the screen industries? If you’re a natural problem-solver with a knack for organising, negotiating, and spotting new talent, then producing might be the ideal career path for you.

Producers play a crucial role in every film and TV project, being at the financial, practical, and creative heart of it all. Join the BFI Film Academy for a session where they explore the responsibilities of producers in the film and TV industries. They’ll delve into the various types of producers, discuss project scouting, idea development, and the art of collaboration with writers and directors. Additionally, they will explore how producers approach distribution and oversee projects from concept to screen.

Whether you’re aspiring to become a producer or a writer and/or director seeking insights on finding the right producer for your project, this session has been tailored to your needs.

They will be joined by Sara Huxley and April Kelley, who run Mini Productions, and the event will be hosted by Georgina Bobb.

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