‘Is TV for Me?’ New Podcast!

Julie Heathcote has co-run www.factoryfilms.tv with Lisa Fairbank since 2012. They both have 25+ years of factual TV experience and have a network of contacts within the production world – which they’ve tapped into in creating their brand new podcast Is TV For Me?.

In each episode they interview some of TV’s most experienced production talent to get the inside scoop on what they do, how they got there and what’s the best advice for people who’d love to follow in their footsteps. They’re launching with a series of 6, dropping each Tuesday and covering the roles of; Producer, DoP, Casting Producer, Assistant Producer, Post-production Manager & Development Producer. More info can be found here: https://www.factoryfilms.tv/podcast  (There’ll be more to come in September!)

The podcasts are short & focused and a very easy listen. They’ve been created with film, TV & media students in mind.

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