2023 Graduates – Read This!


Congratulations! We’re delighted for you that you’re graduating, but before you go, we have a final few words…

The Careers & Employability Service supports you for three years after graduation.

To gain access to this sign up with your personal email to our main system TargetConnect where you can book appointments, book online events and search for jobs.


Got a plan, a job or further study or travel? Please let us know by filling in this quick form: https://targetfeedback.gtisolutions.co.uk/surveys/543a65fa-21e6-4254-8911-48b9d0dde591


Connect with our Graduate Outcomes Co-ordinator https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikki-brown-a66a7970/

Want to know how to get on to LinkedIn, or have any other questions just ask careerhelp@kent.ac.uk

On our “What can I do with my degree in…” web pages you can find job boards for your sector and skills to include on your CV.

We can give feedback on your CV focused to your career choice. Just book a Quick Advice appointment for support with CV/ cover letter/ LinkedIn/ application/ personal statement reviews here*: https://careers.kent.ac.uk/

The “I want to work in…” web pages can help you find sector specific job searching web sites and skills you will need to highlight on your CV.

You can chat all this through with a Careers Adviser. Just book a Careers Advice appointment for support with thinking about your plans here*: https://careers.kent.ac.uk/

* these links might not work if you haven’t yet signed up for the graduate account. Go back to the link at the top of this post, do that first, then it should work fine.