Environmentally Friendly Careers Week

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Monday 23- Friday 27 January 2023

Monday 23 January

10.00-11.00 Study Plus – Why company cultureĀ matters and how to find a workplace you can thrive in – by Steve Haines

12.00-13.00 Context of Environmental and Socially Sustainable Careers and Skills

14.00-15.00 Using LinkedIn in your Job Search

Tuesday 24 January

13.00-14.00 Interview Preparation Skills

17.30-18.30 Local Government/ Councils: Environmentally Friendly Careers

Wednesday 25 January

11.00-12.00 Study Plus Matching Your Values to Your Career Journey by Steve Haines

17.30-18.30 Alumni Talk about Careers in the Environment and Conservation

Thursday 26 January

12.00-13.00 Who would you hire? CV and Application shortlisting exercise

Friday 27 January

11.00-12.00 Do something great – Volunteer

13.00-14.00 Sustainability at Work: Differing Perspectives of Sustainability in the Workplace

Further details of the programme of events available at: https://www.kent.ac.uk/ces/EnvironmentallyFriendlyCareers.html

Please book for events via the individual links.

Environmentally Friendly careers week highlights