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Attend Breaking In Event, Tuesday 25 October 16.00-17.00, online

If you are looking to break into the Creative industries can join Creative UK free as a University of Kent Student.

Creative UK is here to champion, connect, support and invest in the Creative Industries.

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As a Student member you will get:


Access exclusive content, including professional development tools, insights into the Creative Industries, and 90+ hours of footage from our annual flagship festival, Creative Coalition.


We’ll send opportunities for students straight to your inbox. We offer select students the paid opportunity to write for us (selection through application process).


Join our Breaking In events to meet key industry speakers, ask questions, and gain greater industry insight.

Get Creative UK membership now and attend the the first Breaking In event on 25 October, 16.00-17.00 online

Breaking In brings together early career creatives to tell you what starting out in the Creative Industries is really like.

The event series has been designed to help support you in entering the creative sector, whether you’re interested in freelancing but are unsure of where to start, or you’re applying for permanent positions and wondering how best to sell yourself on a CV.

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