Weston Williamson Prize – competition for Architect Students

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Chance to win £1500 or £500 to the runner-up.

Calling all Architect students!

After a successful year last year of entrants, Weston Williamson and Partners are awarding another prize of £1500 (and £500 to the runner up) for projects associated with travelling in or between our UK cities.

The winner could be a design project such as a new station, an urban design proposal or research or dissertation…Anything which adds to the debate about transport in the future. For each submission, we would appreciate a little blurb about the thought process behind the entry (this can be in a separate word document or on the email body itself.)

All Architecture Students in the UK are eligible, and entries should be sent to myself at Jack.Powell@westonwilliamson.com (if not too big) or via Wetransfer or Dropbox.

The prizes will be awarded at a dinner hosted by the Company of Chartered Architects one of the City of London Livery Companies later in the year.


  • Deadline for entries 1st July 2022
  • Students can enter up to 3 submissions each
  • Group entries are allowed however the price money would then be split between the winners
  • University name must be stated in the email
  • All entries to have a max of 10 pages