Love TV? Want to Work in Production

TV Production - Researcher Training Programme image

Kick start your Career in TV with Motion Content Group’s Researcher Training Programme

thinkBIGGER! and Motion Content Group have launched an exciting new trainee researcher programme.

The programme provides new entrants with less than 3 months experience in the industry a 12-month traineeship at one of the UK’s leading production companies. Whilst getting hands-on experience, you will also receive support and training with thinkBIGGER!

They are hoping to attract people who are looking to make their first step into the industry but don’t know how or those who hadn’t necessarily considered a career in the industry but have the skills that would allow them to excel in it.

They are particularly encouraging applications from people from a Black, Asian or Ethnically Diverse background, those who may be disadvantaged socioeconomically or those who are deaf or disabled, as all three groups are underrepresented in the industry.

The application form is now live on the website here.

Key Dates:

  • Applications open: Friday 25th March 12pm
  • Applications close: Friday 22nd April 12pm
  • Programme start date: Monday 27th June