Podcast Audio Editing opportunity

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one month voluntary opportunity starting 14 April 2022. Will be given a credit and will look good on your CV.

Broadcast and podcast producer Paula Moore would like to offer an audio editing opportunity for the season one podcast series, “Can Art Save Us?”

This features 10 interviews with award winning artists and names across film, music, acting, hip-hop poetry, arts & crafts and will have a one hour duration each.

This is light editing as directed with trims and time codes provided. This can be editing from Mp3 files that have been broadly equalised with background noise removed already. WAV and synced WAV files are also available. Original music, transcripts and logs are supplied. This is essentially minor tidy ups and mastering each episode.

This would suit someone already confident in podcast / audio editing and able to meet deadlines, one episode is mastered as an example.  A credit will be included in the companion text to each episode that will be promoted across various platforms and a reference provided.

This production is supporting wellbeing and no participants including myself are taking fees. Edit completion should be by April 29th for publishing.

If you care about the arts and wellbeing, have a professional approach and would like a credit associated to award winning artists please email by 12th April to Moorepaulajane@gmail.com

Deadline 12 April 2022

Full details on Target Connect at: https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/jobSearch.html?id=63361&service=Careers+Service