Online workshop: Museums and Entrepreneurship

Museum visitors

Wednesday 23 March, 16.00-18.00

An “entrepreneurial turn” is defining the museum sector. Often presented as a “no alternative” condition especially in the post-pandemic context, this causes challenges in terms of how museums are conceptualised, experienced and organised in order to remain financially viable while still relevant to the communities they serve. Yet, the logic of the free market and its inherent competitiveness undercut a museum’s core values and integrity in terms of accessibility, diversity and inclusion. Understanding the role and impact of entrepreneurship, and the dynamic relationships across corporate sponsors, private collectors, cultural administrators and local communities, is therefore fundamental for the future of museums.


Dr Iro Katsaridou (Director, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography), Welcome note (16:00-16:10)

Dr Derrick Chong (Royal Holloway University of London), “The Role of the Art Museum in Society: Artists advocating for Greater Corporate Responsibility” (16:10-16:20)

Louise Liwanag (independent scholar), “Exhibiting Resilience: A Case Study on the Tate and Visual Artists in Liverpool” (16:20-16:30)

Dr Linn Burchert (Humboldt University), “Enclosing Critique. Industry Sponsors and European Museums – The Case of Volkswagen” (17:00-17:10)

Dr Pamela Bianchi (École Supérieure d’Art et Design Toulon), “Maxxi Rome: Between Display, Design and Administration”(17.10-17.20)

Dr Eve Kalyva (Kent), “Away with the Basics? Amsterdam Stedelijk’s BASE and the White Cube 2.0”(17.20-17.30)

This workshop is part of the book project Museums and Entrepreneurship: Capitalising on Culture in the 21st Century edited by Dr Eve Kalyva (Kent), Dr Pamela Bianchi (Toulon) and Dr Iro Katsaridou (Director, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography).

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