Cibyl Careers type report – find out your career type

Cibyl Career type report

Win £500 or £100 Spotify or Apple Music gift card when you find out your #cibylcareertype!

This Christmas, Cibyl have introduced a brand-new incentive where everyone is a winner! Using your survey answers, every respondent will receive a free career personality report. In this report, we detail your career personality type, how to enhance your skillset and different professions that may be of interest to you. Use the report to discover new career paths, find information about career opportunities and direct you to the latest employer events!

Along with your #cibylcareertype report, you could also be in the chance of winning –

· *NEW PRIZE* £100 Spotify or Apple Music gift card (three given away)

· a £100 Amazon gift card (given away every week- 14 to give away!)

· a pair of Apple AirPods (two given away at close of survey)

· £500 gift card of your choice! Choose from shops such as ASOS, Uber, Argos, Amazon, John Lewis, GAME, JD Sports and M&S (two given away at close of the survey)

If you are undecided or haven’t considered your future career yet, then this is a great chance to do just that! Cibyl is working with employers and university careers services across the UK. They will provide them with a detailed report about what you want so that they can tailor their services for you (but don’t worry, all answers are anonymous!)

The survey only takes 15 minutes, and you can take it on your phone!

Complete it today!