Baron Adolphe de Meyer

LGBT+ History Month: the Baron Adolph de Meyer   In celebration of LGBT+ History Month I take this opportunity to introduce to you a nowadays … Read more

Deconstructing the Dress Suit

This text is a reflective commentary on the practical task of producing a fashion show for the module Costume & Fashion. Cues. During my youth … Read more

Are Videogames Art?

Art History student Allen Fairway begins a series of posts on the topic of videogames…   Are videogames art? It is a point of contention … Read more

The Sphinx

This is the text for a catalogue essay accompanying the forthcoming online exhibition ‘Fascinating Fears’ curated by Kent students taking the undergraduate Art History module … Read more

Frida Kahlo

  ‘Do you like Frida Kahlo?’ This was a somewhat unexpected question to receive at the coffee-break during an American Summer School on British art, … Read more

Some Recommended Holiday Reading

  An ideal bit of holiday reading about photography is Roland Barthes’ classic study of the medium, Camera Lucida. Its a short book that, unlike … Read more

Drawing like a Cubist

Earlier this year, before the first lockdown, the students taking the History of Art module Drawing: History and Practice were lucky enough to see the … Read more

A Gibson in Pimlico

A pensive Roman senator stands somewhat forlornly on a pedestal in the easily overlooked Pimlico Gardens on the north bank of the river Thames. Poorly … Read more

The Devil is too Sublime

Earlier this year I was listening to an episode of Black Mass Appeal, a podcast created by members of the US-based Satanic Temple (BMA Episode … Read more