Education and Professional Development

Gain work experience in the art world

The art world offers unique opportunities to gain experience relevant to your studies, develop your professional skills and build professional networks. At the University of Kent, museums and galleries such as Studio 3 Gallery are integral to teaching and learning.

There are different ways you can get involved. These include applying for gallery invigilation experience, doing an internship or work placement, curating, undertaking research, helping with marketing and promotion, giving talks, running workshops and contributing to our Art History blog and social media with exhibition reviews, responses and stories.

Getting involved with Studio 3 Gallery and the projects of our partners is a great way to get a taste of the art world, explore your interests and widen your career prospects. We are especially keen on curating student work and supporting students in curating their own exhibitions.

If you are interested in learning more about our Education and Professional Development initiative, as well as more information on how to apply, contact Dr Eve Kalyva (Art History) at

The invitation is open to students within and beyond the School of Arts, so do get in touch!


Upcoming opportunities:

coming up soon


Previous opportunities:

  • Curatorial internship (help with exhibition design, publicity, communication, public programme, setting up/taking down) for the exhibition Younome (16 June – 1 July, Studio 3 Gallery), an exhibition of portraits of the human genome in a novel yet informed way by Keith Robinson; curated by Eileen Hartney (iCCi)
  • Gallery invigilation (selection of shifts 9.00-13.00; and 13.00-17.00; 5 Employability Points per shift) for the above exhibition
  • Art writing (feeds, exhibition reviews, interviews) for our social media and blog for the above exhibition
  • Workshop (creation and execution) for the Youth Summit (27 June – 1 July) in relation to the above exhibition
  • Gallery assistants (paid) for the exhibition Unfiltered Coast (29 April – 12 May; 27 June – 1 July, Gulbenkian Arts Centre), a group exhibition by young people living and studying in Kent curated by Dr Lavinia Brydon (Film)
  • Invitation to contribute to social media and blog with a review of the above exhibition
  • Gallery invigilators for the exhibition Invisible Squares (21-25 February; 7-25 March, Studio 3 gallery), a photography exhibition of Italian squares, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute
  • Invitation to contribute to social media and blog with a review of the above exhibition