Journal articles are usually short papers that are focus on a specific topic and provide expert opinion and details of current research.  You can use articles to find up-to-date research in your subject.

The easiest way to find journal articles is to do a keyword search for your topic in LibrarySearch. Use the filters on the right to limit your search to ‘Academic Journals’.

Key journal titles

We subscribe to a wide range of architecture journals. To see a comprehensive list of our e-journals in this area or to check whether we have access to a specific e-journal, use the Find e-journals link. Alternatively, you can also use LibrarySearch to check whether we have a specific journal in print or online by typing the journal title into the main search box.

Key architecture journals

  • Architects’ Journal: important weekly architectural magazine, concentrating mainly on British architecture. Architects’ Journal (AJ) includes access to the Buildings Library which you can log into with your Architects’ Journal username and password and access over 20,000 drawings and images.
    For full access, you need to register at first use using your university email address, and click Sign in(top right), each time you return
  • Building Design (bdonline): weekly architectural magazine, important for its news coverage, job adverts and campaigning voice

Key databases for finding journal articles

We also have a range of databases to help you find journal articles with access to thousands of journal articles and other relevant material for your subject.

  • Art & Architecture Archive – full-text archive of magazines with key research material for art and architecture, dating from the late 19th century to the 21st
  • Art and Architecture Source – covers a broad range of art and architecture related subjects, and including many unique sources not previously available
  • Arts Premium Collection – Searches thousands of journals in architecture and the arts, including art, design, humanities, music, performing arts and film
  • Periodicals Archive Online Access to the full runs of over 700 journals across key subject areas in the humanities and social sciences; the archive spans more than two centuries of content and multiple languages.

Freely available:

  • British Architectural Library (from RIBA: Royal Institute of British Architects) – Indexes over 300 architectural journals held in the RIBA Library, so in addition to searching for books it can be used to search for journal articles about architecture. You will need to check LibrarySearch to see whether we have access to any references you find.
    Also available
    RIBApix, a growing collection of images from the British Architectural Library at RIBA.