ARTstor Digital Library: This is a digital library of nearly 2 million images of works of art and architecture from a wide range of cultures and time periods.  The images can be downloaded free of charge and are free of copyright restrictions.

Images of England (English Heritage): photos and descriptions of listed buildings in England. You need to register (free) for full access.

RIBApix: a growing collection of images from the British Architectural Library.

BoB – On Demand TV and Radio for Education (formerly Box of Broadcasts) Allows you to view and record a vast number of TV and radio programmes, including films. To sign in, choose University of Kent from the list. You need to register the first time you use the service

Alexander Street Video High quality educational videos across a vast range of topics including those relating to architecture, cities, transport, housing etc. You can watch videos, create playlists and make video clips.