The University subscribes to a vast range of high-quality digital resources, including e-books, academic journals, newspapers, data sets, multimedia, and government publications. They are essential to your assignments, research, and teaching. Navigating these does take a bit of getting used to so we have a collection of guides to help you get the most out of them.

There are four main interfaces for accessing our collections.

LibrarySearch Digital is the best starting place to start searching for digital secondary resources, especially e-books and journal articles.

A-Z of e-resources: all our subscribed resources are listed here except individual journal and e-book titles. Click on the resource name, search within it for the content you need and follow full text links.

The resources gateway lists resources by type, for example newspapers, official publications, and archive collections.

Check your subject guides for advice on the best resources for your subject. It is always a good idea to check several subject guides if your topic is cross disciplinary.

Our guide on finding and accessing library e-resources goes into more detail, I recommend you have a browse of it.