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DeepMind: can we ever trust a machine to diagnose cancer?

Shutterstock Srivas Chennu, University of Kent DeepMind has recently announced a fresh collaborative partnership with the UK’s health service, with plans for the artificial intelligence firm to develop machine learning technology to research breast cancer. DeepMind, a Google subsidiary, is … Continue reading

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Playing tennis in a coma

How do you know if someone is conscious if they can’t show it? Lecturer Srivas Chennu will be featured on a programme Playing tennis in a coma exploring this topic. The broadcast follows Srivas and other researchers trying to detect consciousness in … Continue reading

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Hello. Can you hear me? – The mohawk of consciousness

As part of the University of Kent Think Kent series a collection of YouTube videos celebrating research with international impact at the University – Dr Srivas Chennu explains The Mohawk of Consciousness: Neuroscience, Computing & Assessing Awareness. Awareness and the presence of intent, both in … Continue reading

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