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Visit from Vietnamese bank BCS/BIDV

The School of Computing was honoured to receive the CEO, Head of Research and six other visitors from BCS/BIDV bank (Vietnam) on Friday 14 September 2018, and also the CEO of WealthObjects Ltd to discuss potential collaborations in the areas … Continue reading

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DeepMind: can we ever trust a machine to diagnose cancer?

Shutterstock Srivas Chennu, University of Kent DeepMind has recently announced a fresh collaborative partnership with the UK’s health service, with plans for the artificial intelligence firm to develop machine learning technology to research breast cancer. DeepMind, a Google subsidiary, is … Continue reading

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Dr Anna Jordanous on Sky Arts documentary

Dr Anna Jordanous has been invited to give her expert opinion on the computational creativity involved in a new musical conceived and generated by computer. Sky Arts documentary ‘Computer Says Show‘ follows the ground-breaking process  of scientists training their computers to … Continue reading

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Can voice recognition technology identify a masked jihadi?

The latest video of a masked Islamic State jihadist apparently speaking with a British accent led to him being tentatively identified as Muslim convert Siddhartha Dhar from East London. Voice recognition experts were reportedly working with UK intelligence services using voice analysis. … Continue reading

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