Dr Anna Jordanous on Sky Arts documentary

poster for musical beyond the fence

Dr Anna Jordanous has been invited to give her expert opinion on the computational creativity involved in a new musical conceived and generated by computer.

Sky Arts documentary ‘Computer Says Show‘ follows the ground-breaking process  of scientists training their computers to write a West End musical.

The result of this process is Beyond the Fence; the first musical conceived and generated by computer, which is at the Arts Theatre London until 5 March. It is modelled on a statistical study of the ‘recipe for success’ in hit musicals.

Beyond the Fence is billed as  a powerful new musical about hope, defiance, unity and love based on a story of protestors at Greenham Common in 1982. The question is can the computer algorithms behind the score, plot line, story development and lyrics create something that can entertain humans?

Computer Says Show is a two-part documentary, the first of which will be broadcast on Sky Arts HD on Thursday 25 February at 20.00, the second part will be broadcast next Thursday at the same time.