Following the recent news coverage of sexual intimidation, harassment and violence, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to supporting members in the workplace where such cases present themselves. The effects of any form of violence by and against any member of staff can affect job performance and job security. The health and safety of those suffering from violence can be at risk.

Members should be able to depend on the union for support, advice and assistance, especially if facing difficulties at work because of their home circumstances. Identifying this at an early stage can lead to appropriate help and information being offered and the damaging effects minimised.

UCU UoK branch is therefore reaffirming a commitment to both early intervention, as well as supporting any member that has suffered such discrimination in the workplace. We tackle bullying and harassment both on an individual and collective basis. We will support our members experiencing such issues at work, and, where necessary, we will use legislation to hold all perpetrators to account.

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