Strike dates announced – WE HAVE YOUR BACK

Dear University of Kent UCU members,

 As you should now have heard directly from UCU, our branch will be joining many other UCU branches in taking strike action over pay, equality, anti-casualisation and workload  We will be taking taking 8 days of strike action from Monday 25th November (week10) till Wednesday 4th December (week 11) inclusive.

 We will keep you informed of developments. For now, please be assured: WE HAVE YOUR BACK.

 We have a healthy strike fund out of which we can subsidise lost income from the very first day of industrial action.  Claimants last time found the process remarkably easy and quick – just ask around.  Last time claimants could receive up to £50 per day.  On the first day of strike action, we will hold a branch meeting and will be seeking to pass a motion which will provide for more generous local support than during the last strike. After one or two days’ support from the local fund, eligibility for support from the national Fighting Fund will kick in See:

 We will also be taking action to help provide striking members with sustenance on campus while they are on strike.

During the spring 2018 industrial action, thanks to University of Kent UCU pressure, University of Kent management agreed not to financially penalise GTAs for striking.  Moreover, HPLs were offered replacement teaching to compensate for paid hours lost to action.  Whatever happens this time, UCU have the resources to help.

We are strong as a branch and we are resolved to win.


Sian, Owen, Mark and Philip

UCU Branch Officers