We have your back!

Dear All,

Some UCU members on precarious contracts, or who are financially unstable for other reasons, are understandably anxious about striking and its financial consequences.

If this is you, Kent branch UCU has good news for you: we’ve got your back.  We have a healthy strike fund out of which we can subsidise lost income from the very first day of industrial action.  Claimants last time found the process remarkably easy and quick – just ask around.  Last time claimants could receive up to £50 per day.  This time that we are planning to be more generous (update to come later).  After one or two days’ support from the local fund (depending on whether you earn more or less than £30k ​), eligibility for support from the National Fighting Fund will kick in. See here for National Fighting Fund criteria.

In addition to Branch Funds, Kent Precariat has money to help those on precarious contracts taking industrial action.

During the last round of industrial action, and thanks to Kent UCU pressure, the University of Kent agreed not to financially penalise GTAs for striking.  Moreover, HPLs were offered replacement teaching to compensate for paid hours lost to action.  There is every reason to hope that the University will be reasonable once again this time around.  But if not, Kent , National UCU  and Kent Precariat have the resources to help.


For pensions, for workload, for equality, for pay, for anti-casualisation – Kent UCU urges you to vote YES to action and YES to action short of a strike in both ballots.  Whatever you do, PLEASE VOTE. Deadline 30 October.


Sent on behalf of Kent UCU committee & reps​