About Pensions

About Pensions

2017’s planned changes to the USS pension scheme threatened to reduce total average pension income by over £200,000 per employee.  The strike of 2018 had remarkable effect, causing an independent panel to be appointed to re-assess the health of the scheme and interim arrangements to be made, retaining defined benefits at a temporarily increased contribution rate for staff and employers.

“Get real: defined benefits schemes are not realistic in today’s world”

The joint expert panel that re-assessed the scheme’s health subsequent to the strike concluded that its risk factor had been grossly overstated.

“I’ve already suffered hardship and stress by striking in 2018”

2018 was tough. But if we don’t follow through, our efforts will be wasted.  Two weeks’ lost pay is nothing compared to £200K lost in retirement.  Employers know it is not in their best financial interest to go on with the interim arrangements.  We have to put the pressure on. 

“Universities can’t afford it”

Agreement on a more realistic assessment for the health of the USS scheme – as the Joint Expert Panel recommended – would actually reduce Universities’ contributions.

For more information visit https://www.ucu.org.uk/strikeforuss

Kent UCU urges you to vote YES to action and YES to action short of a strike in both ballots.


Sent on behalf of Kent UCU committee & reps