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Jason Mittell (Middlebury College)

Iris Vidmar Jovanović (University of Rijeka)

DAY 1 – Thursday 7 July

09:30-09:50      Coffee/Registration (Aphra Foyer)

09:50-10:00      Conference Welcome with Dr David Brown (Aphra)

Parallel Session 1 (10:00-11:00)

Session 1a (Aphra)


Caitlin Shaw, University of Bristol
‘History lives in us, whether we learn it or not’: Eclectic aesthetic pastness in Severance


Alex Clayton, University of Bristol
Serial Performance and the Severed Self

Session 1b (Lumley)


Afroditi Nikolaidou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Nostalgia Aesthetics and contemporary Greek TV fiction


Deniz Özalpman, University of Vienna
A Focus on the Aesthetic Qualities of Turkish TV drama series: Identity-Related TV Drama Series Consumption

11:00-11:15 BREAK

Parallel Session 2 (11:15-12:15)

Session 2a (Aphra)


Michael Clark, University of Kent
Alternative Television?


Colette Olive, King’s College London
Illumination and the Small Screen: Ways of Understanding in Television

Session 2b (Lumley)


Daniel Brookes, University of Bristol and University of Worcester
Crimes we can aspire to: an aesthetic of neoliberal hybridity in contemporary longform true crime streaming documentaries


Ruth Adams, King’s College London
Abigail’s Party – Class, consumption, and critiques of mass culture


12:15-13:30 LUNCH in The Gulbenkian

Parallel Session 3 (13:30-14:30)

Session 3a (Aphra)


Enrico Terrone and Luca Bandirali, Università di Genova and University of Salento
The Conceptual Approach to Television Series


Sven Grampp, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Watching television with Nelson Goodman

Session 3b (Lumley)


Klára Feikusová, Palacký University
The Negotiation of Film and Television Style in Cinematic TV Shows with the Case Study of The Crown


Josie Torres Barth, North Carolina State University
Towards a Historical Poetics of Television

14:30-14:45 BREAK

Parallel Session 4 (14:45-15:45)

Session 4a (Aphra)


Kristyn Gorton and Sarah Lahm, University of Leeds
Aesthetics, form and complexity in the contemporary half-hour drama


Theresa Trimmel, University of Bristol
Redefining the Traditional American Family Sitcom: The Intersections between Television Aesthetics and Gender Politics in AMC’s Kevin Can F**k Himself

Session 4b (Lumley)


Ben Tyrer, Middlesex University
The Shudder of the Image: Televisual Philosophy and the Aesthetics of Hannibal


Caroline Eastwood, University of Kent
Listen to the Sounds: Sound and the multisensory in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return

15:45-16:00 BREAK

Keynote 1 (16:00-17:30) – Aphra 

Jason Mittell, Middlebury College
Television Aesthetics, Videographic Criticism, and the Case of Breaking Bad

18:30 CONFERENCE DINNER at The Gulbenkian


DAY 2 – Friday 8 July

09:30-10:00      Coffee/Registration (Aphra Foyer)

Keynote 2 (10:00-11:30) – Aphra

Iris Vidmar Jovanović, University of Rijeka
Attachment Trajectory of Viewer’s Long-term Engagement with TV Series

11:30-12:00 BREAK

Parallel Session 5 (12:00-13:00)

Session 5a (Aphra)


Mike Clarke, University of Kent
“I feel like my life is just a series of unrelated wacky adventures”: BoJack Horseman and the Aesthetics of Streamed Animation


Orcun Can, Coventry University
Towards a Narrative Theory of Internet TV: A Formal Analysis Model to Identify Narrative Tropes in Netflix Originals

Session 5b (Lumley)


Jana Zündel, Goethe University Frankfurt
The ever-changing aesthetics of the serial intro


 Javier Jurado, Université de Lille
The punk, the postmodern and anthology series in 1980’s TV shows

13:00-14:30 LUNCH at The Gulbenkian

Session 6 (14:30-15:30) – Aphra

John Ellis, Royal Holloway
Visible Fictions 40 Years On

15:30-16:00 BREAK

Roundtable Discussion (16:00-17:00) – Aphra

Jason Mittell, Margrethe Bruun Vaage, John Ellis & Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Now What for Television Aesthetics?

Conference Finishes 17:00