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Programme (day-1)

Thursday, 1 September 2016

8:30 – 11:30  Registration, Grimond Foyer
8:45-9:00 WELCOME
9:00-10:00    Plenary    Aditi Lahiri
Asymmetries in phonological cliticisation: diachrony and experimental evidence

10:00-11:00 Regular session (Chair: Caroline Féry)

11:00-11:30 Coffee break, Grimond Foyer
11:30-13:00 Regular session (Chair: Carlos Gussenhoven)

13:00-14:00 Lunch, Grimond Foyer
14:00-15:30 Regular session (Chair: Gilbert Ambrazaitis)

15:30-16:00 Coffee break, Grimond Foyer
17:30-20:00 Wine reception, Aphra Foyer (in Grimond Building)

16:00-18:00 Poster session I, Grimond Foyer

  1. A cognitive approach to compound and nuclear stress
    Marcel Schlechtweg
  2. The acoustics of German vocative chants: Description and cross-linguistic comparison
    Sergio Quiroz
  3. A cross-linguistic exploration of the intonation of contrastive topics
    Margaret Zellers, Nadja Schauffler & Sabine Zerbian
  4. Phonological tone and phonetic intonation in Henan Mandarin: Perceptual evidence
    Carlos Gussenhoven
  5. Assessment of information status in British and Canadian English by Canadian listeners
    Saskia A.J.M. Verstegen, Juhani Järvikivi, Vincent J. Porretta & Aoju Chen
  6. Cross-dialectal prosodic accommodation: Evidence from Andalusian Spanish in Asturias
    Aurora Troncoso-Ruiz & Gorka Elordieta
  7. Decoding the pragmatic meaning of polite requests through prosody and facial gestures: a study with 3-year olds
    Iris Hübscher, Laura Wagner & Pilar Prieto
  8. Documenting Tucumán Spanish: native patterns versus language contact prosodies
    Virginia Terán & Marta Ortega-Llebaria
  9. mausmooth: Eyeballing made easy
    Francesco Cangemi & Aviad Albert
  10. Foreign Accent in Spanish Intonation
    Andrea Pešková & Trudel Meisenburg
  11. Gender differences in the perception of speech prosody and visual prosody in L2
    Suzanne Verheul, Adriana Hartmann, Roselinde Supheert & Aoju Chen
  12. Interplay of tone and intonation in Esan yes/no questions (cancelled)
    Evarista Ofure Ikoyo-Eweto
  13. Intonation and phrasing in Brazilian Portuguese: implications for comma usage?
    Geovana Soncin
  14. Intonational patterns of interrogative sentences of Brazilian Portuguese
    Caroline Carbonari Rosignoli & Flaviane Romani Fernandes-Svartman
  15. On the effect of modality and speaking style for Mandarin tones classification by L2 Learners
    Yueqiao Han
  16. Pauses and pitch contours in spontaneous speech processing: Evidence from Russian
    Yulia Nigmatulina & Elena Riekhakaynen
  17. Phonetic features of Luxembourgish intonation
    Judith Manzoni
  18. Prosodic deviations of French learners of L2 English
    Nuzha Moritz
  19. Prosodic realization of Colombian Spanish vocatives
    Clara Huttenlauch, Ingo Feldhausen & Bettina Braun
  20. Prosodic realization of dual focus in French, German and Mandarin
    Caroline Féry, Bei Wang & Emilie Destruel-Johnson
  21. Prosodic typology in New Englishes: Prominence and phrasing in educated Indian English (cancelled)
    Olga Maxwell
  22. Realization of the French initial accent: Stability and individual differences
    Pauline Welby, Roxane Bertrand, Cristel Portes, Corine Astésano