Women in Technology Starter Course

A five-week programme starting 7 September, designed to introduce women and non-binary candidates to career opportunities in the digital space. Sparta Global’s Women in Tech: … Read more

Careers events week beginning 2 August

Monday 2nd August 12pm: How To Find A Graduate Job – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/student/svc/events.html#/user/event/7911  Tuesday 3rd August 11am: How To Get Started With LinkedIn – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/student/svc/events.html#/user/event/7913/ 1pm: Creating A Great CV – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/student/svc/events.html#/user/event/7915  Wednesday 4th August … Read more

Careers events week beginning 19 July

Monday 19th July 1pm: Professional Work Behaviour – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=7875  3pm: Do Something Great – Volunteer – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=7877  6pm: Study Plus World Class Manager Programme – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=8067  7pm: Changing Careers – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=8121  Tuesday 20th July 12pm: Graduating? How The … Read more

Careers events week beginning 12 July

Monday 12th July 11am: Introduction to the Civil Service Fast Stream – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=8093  1pm: Introduction to Management – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=8043 Tuesday 13th July 10am: Using LinkedIn – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=8061  4pm: Now I Have My … Read more

Careers events week beginning 28 June

Monday 28th June 12pm: Creating A Great CV – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=7839 2pm: Do Something Great – Volunteer – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=7841 Tuesday 29th June 11am: Covering Letters (The Basics) – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=7843 1pm: Career Management – https://careers.kent.ac.uk/leap/event.html?id=7845 Wednesday 30th June 12pm: Selection … Read more

Negotiation Skills

Study Plus, Wednesday 30 June, 14.00-15.30. A 90 minute workshop that will make a real impact on your ability to negotiate the best deals, help … Read more