Varsity Code 2021

Varsity code 2021

Represent the University of Kent in Showcode’s head-to-head student coding competition.
Kent made the final last year so we need to go one better this year!

How long is it?

There is a total of 15 challenges – or ‘fixtures’ as we like to call them – to compete in, each open for 2 weeks, and they should take no longer than an hour so you can take part at your own leisure! Only your first submission will count for scoring so make sure you take your time.

How you win?

  • You will compete in head-to-head against other universities in your league in bi-weekly coding challenges – or fixtures as we like to call them
  • Your team’s points total for each fixture will be taken from the top 10 players. To win your fixture, you just need to outscore your opponents
  • When it comes to the overall league table – if your team wins your head-to-head ‘fixture’ you’ll get 3 points, if you draw it will be 1, and if you lose it will be 0
  • The more points you have, the higher up the table you will finish, and the more chance you’ll have of qualifying for the final!

The Grande Finale

The top ranked teams and coders throughout the competition will qualify for our (hopefully!) live finale, where they’ll compete in a series of challenges and projects to establish the ultimate VarsityCode champion!

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