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Research Seminar – Dr Jennifer Walshe

Tonights Research Seminar we present Dr Jennifer Walshe.
Bridge Wardens College, Lecture Theatre
Tuesday, 11th March, 2014

Dr Jennifer Walshe will present her  recent work
She is a composer, performer and visual artist of whom the Irish  Times has said that “without a doubt, hers is the most original  compositional voice to emerge in Ireland in the last 20 years”.  Jennifer Walshe says of her work that “the  sounds I am interested in include those that we hear all the time but are normally  considered flawed or redundant: twigs snapping in a burning fire, paper  tearing, breathing, instrumental sounds that aren’t considered ‘beautiful’ in  standard terms.

I think these sounds have their own beauty in the way that  pebbles on a beach or graffiti can have.”

Download the Poster: Research Seminar-Jennifer Walshe

Upcoming Seminar:
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
The Rebirth of Music from the Spirit of Drama – Jean Martin

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Live Music Wednesday – 7: Performance Platform

Join us for live Music every Wednesday!

Music Weds_12March

12th March 12-1pm, Galvanising Shop

Come and experience mixed weekly programmes from our fabulous BMus performers. All welcome! (Music starts 12.15)





Joyce Si Voice

Lindsay Edmondson Clarinet

Lydia Andrew Voice

Becca Hurrell Sax

Rhian Powell Voice

Dan Orton Bass

Andy Flintoff Voice

Thursday Lunchtime Concert – The Octandre Ensemble

Open to Students and Staff and free to come along and enjoy…
The Octandre Ensemble

When: Thurs 6th March
Time: 1-2pm
Location: The Galv.

We are delighted to have The Octandre Ensemble back again this year and they will be visiting us this coming Thursday, 6th March.

The Ensemble will be giving a concert  in the Galv from 1pm through to 2pm featuring an excellent programme of contemporary music including Luigi Nono’s ‘Sofferte…’ for piano and electronics.

This is a valuable opportunity to hear some truly exceptional professional musicians. The concert will be followed by a workshop (which you’re welcome attend) which will focus on approaches to writing for violin, clarinet and piano.

Entry is free for staff and students.


Concert Programme;

-Berg: Vier Stucke (clarinet and piano)

-Nono: ‘Sofferte…’ (piano and electronics)

-Webern: Vier Stucke (violin and piano)

-Stravinsky: Soldiers Tale (violin, clarinet & piano)

Also on Thursday:
Don’t forgot we also have Line Upon Line percussion trio with us tomorrow, giving a performance workshop at midday followed by a concert at 6pm – both are in the Galv.


Research Seminar – ‘The Sounding Image: Interactivity in Audio Visual Video’ by Dr Holly Rogers

– ‘The Sounding Image: Interactivity in Audio Visual Video’ by Dr Holly Rogers
– ‘The Sounding Image: Interactivity in Audio Visual Video’ by Dr Holly Rogers

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Bridge Wardens College, BWC201
Dr Holly Rogers will be visiting the School of Music and Fine Art to present some of her ideas from her recent publication ‘Sound the Gallery: Video and the Rise of Art-Music’, which explores the first decade of creative video work, focussing on the ways in which video technology was used to dissolve the boundaries between art and music.

Becoming commercially available in the mid 1960’s, video became integral to the experimentalism of New York City’s music and art scenes. The medium was able to record image and sound at the same time, allowing composers to visualise their music artists to sound their images in a quick and easy manner. Video also enable the creation of interactive spaces that questioned conventional habits of music and art consumption.

The mediums audio visual synergy could be projected, manipulated and processed live and the closed circuit video feed drew audience members into the heart of the experience. Such activated spectatorship resulted in improvisatory and performative events, in which the space between artists, composers, performers and visitors collapsed into a single, yet expansive, intermedial environment. Many believed that audio visual video signalled a brand new art form that only begun in 1965.

Rogers book suggests that this is inaccurate. During the Twentieth Century, composers were experimenting with spatialising their sounds, while artists were attempting to include time as creative element in their visual work. Pioneering video work allowed these two disciplines to come together. Shifting the focus from object to spatial process, Sounding The Gallery uses theories in intermedia, fim, architecture, drama and performance practice to create an interdisciplinary history of music and art that culminates in the rise of video art-music in the late 1960s.

Download the Poster: SMFA_Research Seminar_04.03.14

Upcoming Seminar:
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Dr Jennifer Walshe will present her recent work.

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Claudia Molitor sound installation and composition premiere performance at Bristol New Music Weekend.

School of Music and FineArt Lecturer in Music, Dr Claudia Molitor attended Colston Hall last weekend to help launch the first ever Bristol New Music Weekend during 21st-23 February.

Claudia-Molitor_Colston Hall

Claudia’s sound commission ‘I dwell in sound and sound dwells in me’ was installed and a composition was given a world premiere by string quartet  Quatuor Bozzini on Saturday, 22 February.

Bristol New Music Weekend 2014 was the inaugural event to celebrate and showcase new and experimental music on an international art arena as well as working to create opportunities for emerging regional artists, organised by Colston Hall, Arnolfini, Spike Island, St George’s Bristol and the University of Bristol.

Claudia Molitor’s sound installation was designed to take its audience on a journey through the building. The installation ran throughout the space of Colston Hall, starting in the entrance foyer, leading visitors up through the new and down among the old buildings towards the final installation of the old ticket hall. ‘I dwell in sound and sound dwells in me’ is a playful look at the uncertainties and hesitancies involved in the creative act. Both ‘Listening’ and ‘Seeing’ are explored, in an experience that takes upon the musical experience as a multi-sensory encounter.

Additionally, on Saturday, 22nd February, the string quartet Quatuor Bozzini performed a premiere of one of Claudia’s compositions at St Georges Bristol as part of its Bristol New Music residency at the University of Bristol.

Claudia-Molitor_Colston Hall Flyer


Bristol New Music
Claudia at Colston Hall
Quatuor Bozzini

US Percussion Trio, ‘Line Upon Line’ visit and demonstration at Kent

As part of their UK Tour, the US percussion trio Line Upon Line will be visiting Kent and are coming to the School of Music and Fine Art.

Demonstrating contemporary techniques and a commissioned repertoire in a workshop open to all Music students, Line Upon Line will be providing an evening concert on Wednesday 5th March, 2014.


Line Upon Line Workshop
The Engineering Workshop

Evening Concert
6pm Concert,
Galvanising Shop


Formed in 2009, Line Upon Line percussion is committed to seeking new ways for percussion instruments to advance contemporary music. To date, the ensemble has commissioned and premiered a dozen new works for percussion.

MAAST plays tribute to electroacoustic composer Bernard Parmegiani

The School of Music and Fine Art’s ‘Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre’ (MAAST) system is set to diffuse a sequence of electroacoustic works by the legendary French composer Bernard Parmegiani as an tribute to his music, during a 3-day Festival in March 2014.

Bernard Parmegiani_MAAST Tribute Event

The School’s research-focused sound diffusion system, designed to explore spatial sound, is set to relive some of the works of the late great pioneer of electroacoustic music, Bernard Parmegiani, who passed away last November. Hosted by LCMF, the event will take over a former carpet factory, a magnificent 20,000 sq ft space in Brick Lane, London.

Parmegiani’s rich body of work, spanning nearly 50 years, stands among the most important in electroacoustic music, influencing generations of artists within the academy and beyond it.

Following the success of the School’s recent Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, the School’s MAAST innovative diffusion system, comprising more than 30 loudspeakers, will once again be showcased from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of March.

Curriculum Lead for Music and Audio Arts and Director of MAAST, Dr Aki Pasoulas, along with Ambrose Seddon and Diana Salazar will be diffusing Parmegiani’s music from the 1970s on Saturday 22 March.. The influential electroacoustic composers and scholars Denis Smalley and Jonty Harrison, along with Peiman Khosravi will be diffusing Parmegiani’s works on the first day of the festival, Friday 21 March; while on Sunday, the director of the renowned Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), Daniel Teruggi, will conclude the 3-day tribute festival.

We look forward to this event and encourage anyone interested in attending to book tickets online (http://lcmf.co.uk) as soon as possible, because they are selling fast We hope this gives our MAAST system another enthusiastic performance and platforms the developments we are making in spatial sound out to a wider audience.

Any SMFA students interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Dr Aki Pasoulas as soon as possible. This will be a work experience not to be missed, as you will be working alongside the most distinguished and influential composers and scholars of music and audio art today.

Bernard Parmegiani (1927-2013)
 Parmegiani initially trained as a mime, a practice he often drew on when describing his music. It was Pierre Schaeffer who, in 1961, convinced him to start composing. In Schaeffer’s musique concrète, the building blocks of composition were not notes and rests, but recordings. Pieces were created through collage and the transformation of acoustic sounds on tape. It was this technique that Parmegiani developed so expansively from the 1960s onwards.

While Parmegiani found himself at the centre of Schaeffer’s GRM, he also led a parallel career, composing for film, television, and even for Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.



Back for the 3rd year… the award-winning Skills Enhancement Week


Skills Enhancement Week Spring Term
Running in Week 18
24th-28th February 2014

Skills Enhancement Week 2014 (pdf)

Back for the third year running, the Student Skills Enhancement Week , which won a Barabara Morris Teaching Prize for Learning Support last year, is set to be another fun and packed week of employability-based events, training sessions, talks, lectures, workshops and to close the week with a bang, the University Concert and Big Bands: Bolero! concert at the Colyer-Fergusson Building in Canterbury.

Replacing what used to be known as ‘Reading Week’, students can come along and earn ’employability points’ to help enhance skills that could lead to futher employability.

Once again, we have been very fortunate in getting some exciting and industry recognised guest speakers to give talks along with our usual mix of study skills and employability- related workshops.

  • Monday 24th February 2014 – Day 1

Pro Tools 101 (day 1)
(Bridge Wardens’ College – BWC204)

Programme  & Module Information Fair
(Engineering  Workshop – Studio 1)


Introduction  to the 51Zero Film, Video and Digital Arts Festival
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – BWC203) 


Paraphrasing  Workshop
(Drill Hall  Library – DAO15)

  • Tuesday 25th February 2014 – Day 2

09:00-17:00 Pro Tools  101 (day 2)
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – BWC204)

12:00-13:30 Mock  Assessment Centre
(Pilkington  Building – PK017)

14:00-15:00 The  Challenge Network
(Keynes  College – KLT5 – Canterbury)

  • Wednesday 26th February 2014 – Day 3

09:00-17:00 Pro Tools  110 (day 1)
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – BWC204)

13:00-14:00 Writing Well  Workshop
(Drill Hall  Library – DAO15)

14:00-17:00 Local Arts  Professional Development Workshop
(Engineering  Workshop – Studio 1)

18:30-21:00 The Annual  Stirling Lecture
(Keynes  College – KLT1 – Canterbury)

  • Thursday 27th February 2014 – Day 4

09:00-17:00 Pro Tools  110 (day 2)
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – BWC204)

13:00-14:00 Choosing a  Career
(Keynes  College – KLT5 – Canterbury)

19:00-21:00 The Annual  Bob Friend Memorial Lecture
(Pilkington  Building)

  • Friday 28th February 2014 – Day 5

Pro Tools  110 (day 3)
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – BWC204)

Programme  & Module Follow-up Surgery
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – Student Hub)

Setting Up a  Creative Business
( Engineering Workshop – Studio 1)

University  Concert and Big Bands: Bolero!
(Colyer-Fergusson  Building – Canterbury)

To book a slot email: MFAReception@kent.ac.uk or call in at Reception, The Old Surgery
Call: 01634 888 980

Pro Tools Training Events

Also running are Pro-Tools 101 and Pro-Tools 110 Certified Training Courses.


24th – 25th February 2014
09:00-17:00 Pro Tools 101
(Bridge Wardens’ College – BWC204) 

Pro Tools 101 is a 2 day course delivering an introduction into Avid Pro Tools 10 Digital Audio Workstation software, with hands on projects and exercises to complete. Along with teaching you are also supplied with a certified textbook to keep. At the end of the 2 days there is an optional test to take, if passed, you will receive certification as proof for completing an industry recognised course.
There is a £50 fee for this course payable via  the online store (https://store.kent.ac.uk)

26th-28th February 2014
09:00-17:00 Pro Tools  110
(Bridge  Wardens’ College – BWC204)

Pro Tools 110 is a 3 day course delivering a more detailed look at the production techniques used in Avid Pro Tools 10 Digital Audio Workstation software, with hands on projects and exercises to complete. Along with teaching you are also supplied with a certified textbook to keep. At the end of the 3 days there is an optional test to take, if passed, you will receive certification as proof for completing an industry recognised course.
There is a £75 fee for this course  payable via the online store (

All Music and Audio Arts Year Group students are welcome to attend

Max of 16 people for the Pro-Tools 101 and 10-12 people for Pro -Tools 110 First come, first serve basis

To book a slot email F.Walker@kent.ac.uk