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Counting down and setting up

Time is tick in the lead up to the Final Year Degree Show 2014

With 5 days to go until the Private Viewing signifying the grand opening of the long awaited Degree Show, Monday 19th May saw the start of a very busy week for Final Year students of Fine Art, Creative Events and Music at the University of Kent.

As work progresses to get everything ready in time for the first (private) viewing of the Degree Show, fine artists, musician and creative events students are getting their work and performances ready.  Some have been marked already and many are still under assessment.

Fine Art work got hoisted to the magnificent Mezzanine floor of the Slip 3 at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, where the Degree Show final installations for the Fine Art students will be exhibited. View the I AM Present video of Day 1 here.

We managed to get some sneak previews of the work going up today, and chatting with the students, some of them reveal to us their inspirations for their work.

We will join the students later in the week for a final look at their exciting preparations.

Degree Show
IAM Presents

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Sounds New Festival welcomes ‘boundary-trashing’ Icebreaker Ensemble to Canterbury.

Coming to Canterbury campus on Saturday May 3rd, is ‘Icebreaker Ensemble’.
As part of their new tour called ‘Kraftwork Uncovered’, produced by Third Ear, features School of Music and Fine Art Assistant Lecturer for Music (guitar), James Woodrow and new Assistant Lecturer Rowland Sutherland (flute).

Sounds New Festival is annual event, with the University’s Music Department as partner the Festival will bring two vibrant headline concerts to the Colyer-Fergusson Building in Canterbury. Regular campus visitors the Brodsky Quartet also return on Thursday 8 May.

Icebreaker Ensemble will be here in a performance of Brian Eno’s Apollo for all Mankind, as well as the premiere of composer Ed Bennett’s Suspect Device and music by Julia Wolfe.

Find out more about all the events happening on the Sounds New website.