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Degree Show 2014 – Opening Day Success

Saturday 24th May saw the grand opening of the 24th Degree Show for the Fine Art, Creative Events and Music at the University of Kent.

Open until June 2nd, Free to attend.

DSC_0309_compressedThe event which showcases the work of almost 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students at the School of Music and Fine Art, opened to the inaugural private viewing at 2pm on Saturday, 24th May.  The show is now open to the public and free to attend, with Fine Art installations located amind the magnificent Slip3 Mezzanine, with Creative Events and Music Students having work DSC_0429_compressedacross the Engingeering Workshop and The Smitheries.

Guest speakers, renowned artist Humphrey Ocean and Artistic Director of the Huddersfield Music Festival, Graham McKenzie opened the event officially, providing some amusing annecdotes and useful insights for the students. You can read about their speeches below. Also Sarah Turner and Tim Meacham took time to thank colleagues and congratulate the students on their achievements and the students themselves gave their appreciation to everyone who helped with the Degree Show arrangements for 2014.

View a few of the students conversations about their work, their set up and their onward expectations for their careers on the School of Music and Fine Art You Tube channel or on our Facebook page.

Not only were the Fine Art BA and MA students exhibiting some amazing installations, but the Creative Events students were showcasing some of their presentations, videos and models, and the Music students entertained guests with an array of genres throughout the afternoon.

Open until Monday June 2nd, open to the public and free to attend, the Degree Show concludes with a special and unique addition for 2014 – an ‘Education Day’, where schools and collegess are encouraged to contact us for the chance to get workshops and talks as well as take part in activities that give younger budding artists the joy of art as well as showcase the wonderful facilties that students at the University enjoy.

DSC_0246_Compressed Humphrey Ocean:
“The world is alright, because there are still art schools. Arts schools are where you are taught ‘nothing’ but your learn everything”

“ You are just about to enter the weird bit of your lives, the next 70 years”

“Another misnomer about art, is that you love art. Anyone can love art, take Tate Modern, it’s the most popular visitor attraction in England apparently. It makes you want to go home and say ‘that show ‘em’ – it’s not a love, it’s a need.”

“If you are artist and going to make your life as an artist, it is because you have no alternative. Its not a career choice. You have got to want to make, more than anything, is another day where you can just go into the studio and close the door, so you can craft without someone coming in and saying ‘this is how you should have done it’. You want to make mistakes, get it wrong, make it bad, make it smell, then the world will catch up and say that smells good.”
“Welcome aboard, it is a breathtaking way to live your life, even if it does take you breath away sometimes. I wish you the best of luck.”
DSC_0253_compressedGraham McKenzie:

Many thanks to Tim and Claudia for inviting me to this 24th degree show and this amazing complex of buildings. Walking round this show, I am greatly encouraged to see art from the various disciplines coming together because I really believe that divisions between the art forms is no longer relevant. I read an article in the Guardian today that was persuasive article that talks about cross genre work as a way to grow interest and culture as a way as far as audience are concerned. We have seen artist from film winning the Turner Prize and a visual artists that uses human voice as her instrument and is her artwork, and its only a matter time I believe before a composer wins a Turner Prize.

Many of the younger generation of artists and composers that I work  with are comfortable being in gallery setting working in installations, as well as writing or performing in a more traditional concert hall or setting.

Another thing that struck me as I walked around this show earlier, as well as the quality of work and the innovation, the thing that was most pleasing was the individual voices, for me really stood out. I think whatever genre you are working in art, its that individuality that’s important. Follow your vision, your belief and when you leave the education establishment its tough to follow that through. You need that all important break. You need luck but you can make your own luck to certain extent.

There are people there like me, outside that walls of education whose responsibility it is to seek out emerging talent to help you articulate and facilitate your vision. It’s about building working relationships and finding the curators and programmers out there that believe in you and your work.

It can be soul destroying when your sending things away and your fired up about a project, and you’re not getting the responses when your are approaching galleries or festivals or concert halls. Don’t be disheartened when you are approaching people and you are not getting an instant response, they probably are subconsciously aware of you. Keep politely sending stuff in and it will seep through.

To end, my congratulations to you regarding the standard of work in this exhibition and the work in the buildings around. It will be my pleasure to work with many of you in the future.







Counting down and setting up

Time is tick in the lead up to the Final Year Degree Show 2014

With 5 days to go until the Private Viewing signifying the grand opening of the long awaited Degree Show, Monday 19th May saw the start of a very busy week for Final Year students of Fine Art, Creative Events and Music at the University of Kent.

As work progresses to get everything ready in time for the first (private) viewing of the Degree Show, fine artists, musician and creative events students are getting their work and performances ready.  Some have been marked already and many are still under assessment.

Fine Art work got hoisted to the magnificent Mezzanine floor of the Slip 3 at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, where the Degree Show final installations for the Fine Art students will be exhibited. View the I AM Present video of Day 1 here.

We managed to get some sneak previews of the work going up today, and chatting with the students, some of them reveal to us their inspirations for their work.

We will join the students later in the week for a final look at their exciting preparations.

Degree Show
IAM Presents

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Introducing a unique addition to The Degree Show 2014 – Our new ‘Education Day’

To celebrate the conclusion of their final year Degree Show 2014, the School of Music and Fine Art at the University of Kent is hosting an a unique opportunity for school aged children to join us on inspiring and fun Education Day.

The Degree Show is open to the public 25th-26th May and 29th May until Monday 2nd June. The final day we are open for groups of school children (accompanied by their teachers) to provide an exciting overview of the show, the School and our facilities.Advert-image_cmprsd

Designed to provide inspiration and promote liasions with local and regional schools, the Education Day is for children of Reception Year to Year 13.

Date: Monday 2nd June 2014
Time: 10.00-12.00 or 1.00-3.00pm
Location: Chatham Historic Dockyard
Age suitability: Year R – Year 13

There will be a guided trail and tour of the Fine Art Degree Show exhibition and a practical, age-appropriate workshop run by University of Kent Fine Art students. Workshop plans available beforehand.  Attendees are welcome to bring packed lunches to eat beforehand/afterwards.

Schools who would like more information or who wish to book onto this event should email MFAadmissions@kent.ac.uk
Please indicate group number and age of group when getting in touch.

‘Imagine Sheppey’ art project in Kent

A series of art workshops on the Isle of Sheppey is providing an opportunity for young people to present their own vision of their lives – past, present and future.


University sociologists team up with art group to provide art workshops for young people on Sheppey. The workshops, at various locations on Sheppey, will enable the young people to imagine their futures by making use of a variety of simple art techniques. The workshops are part of an ongoing research project, titled Imagine Sheppey  that has already seen many of the Isle’s young people describe their hopes and ambitions for the future in a collection of essays.

A team from Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research is working with art collective ‘Tea’  and Sheppey’s Blue Town Heritage Centre  during May to stage the workshops, which are taking place in locations representing residential, leisure, work and public space. The young people taking part are working with the artists to imagine their futures and use the art techniques to transform the well-known places into something new. The results will be photographed and videoed to form a new vision of Sheppey and its future.

Head of the Creative Events programme at the School of Music and Fine Art, Peter Hatton, also a member of ‘Tea’, said:
‘This project will provide an opportunity for the young people of Sheppey to use multimedia methodologies to present a new vision of their community and future lives.

The identity of any place is very much the result of the interweaving of people’s lives with their physical environment, and Imagine Sheppey will provide a fascinating documentary insight into the way young people think about their lives.’

The Imagine Sheppey project is part of a five-year research programme titled Connected Communities, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. This national project, running from 2013 to 2017, brings together a range of different research projects involving universities and their communities.

Dr Dawn Lyon, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University, said: ‘Imagine Sheppey is a research project about how young people – 16 and 17 years old and on the brink of their adult lives – imagine their futures.‘We want to explore young people’s ideas about the future, working with them in selected places, and also perhaps provide them with the opportunity and scope to think differently about things they may have taken for granted.’


Applicants Spring Newsletters – Out Now.

News and information for students applying or considering applying for a Music, Fine Art or Creative Events degree at Kent.

For news and information for applicants to undergraduate music, fine art or creative events degree courses, we have the spring edition newsletters out now.

Fine Art
Fine Art Newsletter_thumb

  • Art and Design ranking
  • Degree Show 2014
  • Michael Day – student success story
  • Visiting Artists Presentations
  • Meet our Kent Cultural Baton – 1950’s converted air stream caravan
  • Read about our new studio block facilities

Fine Art News 2014

Music and Audio Arts

MusicandAudio Newsletter_thumb

  • New practice facilities and studios
  • We’re in The Guardian University Guide – Top 10!
  • Master Classes, guest lectures and workshops
  • MAAST – Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre – partnership with London Contemporary Music Festival
  • ‘Octandre’ provide a Composition Workshop
  • SAMBA Band and music ensembles
  • Student Field Trip to Paris
  • Medway Music Society
  • The TONE Festival

Music News

Creative Events

Creative Events Newsletter_thumb

  • Art and Events Facilities
  • Engineering Workshop
  • New about our Academic and Technical Staff
  • Scholarshops

Creative Events newsletter Feb 2014

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BBC’s ‘The Voice’ Jamie Johnson visits our Dockyard facilities

Jamie Johnson visits the School

BBC TV’s ‘The Voice’ runner up, Jamie Johnson visits the School of Music and Fine Art to see our facilities and meet the students.

We were more than delighted to welcome a special guest, who paid an impromptu visit to the School yesterday. Fresh off the TV show and rigourous 14 hour days, local lad Jamie wanted to visit the School, meet our students and see our fantastic facilities here at the Dockyard.

Jamie and his support were shown around the School and, in particular our state of the art recording facilities. He was suitably impressed by the space and equipment we have here.
He was shown around some of the other studios and met up with some students for an informal chat.

We were pleased that Jamie took some time out of his day to pay us a visit and we would be pleased to welcome him back in the future.



Fine Art Students Telling Stories

Forthcoming exhibition features work of two Fine Art students-Telling Stories and Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery present:

Telling Stories #2

Telling Stories2(caption: Language Students, Amanda Jobson)

  • 4 April – 31 May
  • Private View Invitation:
    Friday 4 April  6 – 8pm

School of Music and Fine Art are delighted to promote this upcoming exhibition featuring the work of BA(Hons) Fine Art student Sophie Dixon and MA Fine Art student Maeve Buckenham. The Telling Stories and Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery present Telling Stories#2.
This is the second group exhibition in Sevenoaks showing work by artists interpreting the theme of Telling Stories; considering the role of artists as storytellers and addressing ideas of communication and mis-communication.

You are warmly invited to the opening night of Telling Stories #2 at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery on Friday, 4 April between 6 and 8pm.
The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery is a contemporary space run by Kent County Council to show new work from established and emerging artists.

Further information about the gallery can be found here. Information on Telling Stories can be found here.

The exhibition is free to visitors and runs from 4 April – 31 May.

Buckhurst Lane,
TN13 1LQ

RSVP and Enquiries:  kaleidoscope@kent.gov.uk

TONE Festival – calling for volunteers!

TONE Festival are looking for Student volunteers

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to assist with Töne Festival of sonic and visual arts that explores the spaces, forms and durations that exist within and between these two overlapping fields.

We need volunteers both in the pre-festival activities (9-19 June 2014) and the festival itself (20-22 June 2014) in Chatham.TONE image

What we can offer you:

  • Volunteering can count towards your employability status (please contact us for specific values)
  • A free ticket to an event
  • Reference from Töne
  • Per diem of £10 per day


To become a Töne supporter, please contact us at tonefestival@outlook.com.

Find out more>

Collaborative Exhibition by Fine Art students – FA503 Collective

FA503 Collective is thrilled to present a collaborative exhibition conceived and curated by Fine Art students of The University of Kent

Located in the newly refurbished second-floor space at Sun Pier House, it draws together a trio of exhibits that reflect a range of curatorial propositions:


Monday 31 March: 18.00 – 21.00
Tuesday 1 April: 10.00 – 17.00

Looking forward to seeing you
Admission: Free
Unfortunately there is no Disabled Access
For further information and/or general inquiries, please contact our promotional team by email at fa503collective@outlook.com