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50th Anniversary Medway RECREATE Bursary

We are happy to announce the awards of the first ever Recreate 50th Anniversary Bursary, to two School of Music and Fine Art graduates

The two awards, of £4,250 each, have gone to Claire Orme (Fine Art) and Drew York (Music) to fund the creation of new work for an eight week exhibition to be held at the Rochester Art Gallery from the17th January – 14th March 2015

The awards are part of our evolving partnership work with the local authority arts development through the Recreate project

As part of the bursary Rochester Art Gallery provides the following:

  • The gallery space for an 8 week show
  • Support and advice to develop your show and supporting activities/partnerships
  • A technician to install/take down
  • Preview evening event with free wine
  • All design and print for exhibition info/invite cards, posters
  • A gallery info wall panel
  • Insurance for the work
  • Transport by art courier to and from the gallery if required
  • A modest exhibitors fee (TBC)
  • Media/press liaison
  • Basic online web/facebook presence

We are delighted that our graduates are winners of this award.

For more information on RECREATE Medway, please see the website.


Sophie Dixon exhibits at Turner Contemporary as Graduate Platform Award

Sophie Dixon

Sophie is one of the 9 artists exhibiting at the Turner Contemporary as part of the Platform Graduate Awards 2014.

Sophie Dixon Turner Contemporary
“The refugee, the displaced person, the migrant is the emblematic figure representing ‘the quintessential experience of our time’” John Berger

Over the past century, war, population transfers, shifting borders and globalisation have resulted in an increasingly displaced existence, discordant with our need to locate ourselves within idealised and stable surroundings.

Working with video, Sophie Dixon explores the complex dialogues created between ourselves and our external environment, dialogues which are constantly reshaped as we traverse the fragile spaces of memory to find our own sense of belonging in the present.

Sophie Dixon 2

Claire Orme Graduate Platform Award Turner Contemporary 2014

Claire Orme

Claire has been selected as one of the 9 emerging artists who will be exhibiting her work in the Turner Contemporary, Margate, as part of their prestigious Platform Graduate Award, 2014

Claire Orme Turner Contemporary
Claire Orme investigates the histories and secrets etched within and upon spaces and objects, attempting to unlock the landscape of mysteries hidden by the conventional methods of experiencing the world. The structural framework of certain objects and locations can absorb energies and memories as time passes, and through their personification and sonification, Orme attempts to discover their concealed stories.

Orme holds an innate desire to believe in something beyond the physical world, expressed through her pursuit to uncover the unseen – to see the invisible and to hear the silent. Her practice is research-led, using archived material, interviews, the internet and personal experience to examine and explore specific moments, people and eras within our history. These narratives are transported into the present through a meticulous interlacing of fact and fiction.

The scenarios that Orme, and her alter-egos, invent reference disparate moments in space and time and endeavor to create arenas in which people can communicate both with the work and with each other. This idea of communication is a wider concern in her practice, examined through appropriating connections between technology and spirituality and exploring the blending of human and machine. As Orme’s work responds to and explores the location that it exists in, it can take on many manifestations, embracing installation, sound, video, sculpture, music and performance.