Jul 14

Good Luck Fabien!

Skepsi would never have existed without all the efforts, passion and commitment that Fabien put into it.

Now, after having closely worked with the new team and having prepared them to the challenges and rewards of running Skepsi, he is ready to turn page and begin a new chapter in Japan. We can only say, dear Fabien, we will greatly miss you, and it was our honour and pleasure to work side by side with you on this adventure: together we saw Skepsi growing from a sketched note into the respected and well known graduate journal that it has come to be. On a side note though, I am glad you did not get to pick the name of the journal, which would have been Argos were it for you, engendering I can only guess how many misunderstandings with a slightly bulkier publication that many of us find in their mailbox…

Fabien, with all our hearts: Thank you and good luck in Japan!

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