PhD Student

I am interested in political behaviours and attitudes in regard to European politics and how psychological variables, such as ideological predispositions and social identities, influence peoples’ views on the European project and supranationalism more generally.

One strand of my research deals with the impact that the EU-referendum in the UK has had on British citizens’ national identification and their perceptions of in-and outgroup members. Using longitudinal research designs, I aim to explore whether Brexit has different effects on people who voted ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’, as the divorce from the EU unfolds.

I’ll also look at Europeans’ views of the EU, and examine the role of general attitudes towards multi-level governance structures. Do people prefer global cooperation to be handled at the national, intergovernmental or supranational level and can the relationship between such preferences and basic political values (i.e. egalitarianism, authoritarianism) explain how individuals organise their priorities when it comes to referenda and EU-elections?


Main supervisor:
Dr Kristof Dhont

Dr Ben Seyd

GTA studentship