Wunderkammer Reading Group – Spring 2015 Programme

Centre for the History of the Sciences (CHOTS) Reading Group

Alternate Tuesdays at 17:30 in the Unicorn Pub, St Dunstan’s

**NB note different time and place in Week 18**


27 January 2015 (Week 14) – Heidegger On Science


10 February 2015 (Week 16) – Shipowners and Shipwrecks

  • Oliver Carpenter, “Emerging as a National Figure: Walter Runciman and the Rise of British Tramp Shipowners” (unpublished article).
  • Stephen Courtney and Crosbie Smith, “‘Or vast fiery cross, on the Banner of Morn’: Reading the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company’s Shipwrecks”, in Journal of Maritime Research 15 (2013): 183-203.


24 February 2015 (Week 18) – Magic Lantern Performance (18:00 in Eliot Drama Studio)

  • With Jeremy Brooker of the Magic Lantern Society


10 March 2015 (Week 20) – Art and Science

  • Paul Glinkowski and Anne Bamford. “Insight and Exchange: An Evaluation of the Wellcome Trust’s Sciart Programme” (London: Wellcome Trust, 2009), Executive Summary and Chapters 5-7.
  • Matthew C. Hunter, “Cascade, Copper, Collection: Constellations of Images in 1670s Experimental Philosophy”, in Wicked Intelligence: Visual Art and the Science of Experiment in Restoration London (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013), Ch 4.


24 March 2015 (Week 22) – Early Modern Notebooks and Journals

  • Richard Yeo, “Capacious Memory and Copious Notebooks”, in Notebooks, English Virtuosi and Early Modern Science (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014), pp. 37-68.
  • Adrian Johns, “Miscellaneous Methods: Authors, Societies and Journals in Early Modern England”, British Journal for the History of Science 33 (2000): 159-86.


7 April 2015 (Week 24) – Work In Progress

  • Rebekah Higgitt
  • Justine Cook


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