April 2013 archive

H. G. Wells – Ann Veronica (London, 1909)

How does studying biology impact on Ann Veronica’s view of the body? Ann Veronica, a young girl searching to find independence as a woman in early 20th century London, joins the Central Imperial College to study biology, with hopes of expanding her view of the world. After some exploration, she finds it comforting that science …

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Marie Darrieussecq – Pig Tales (London, 1998)

The main protagonist of Marie Darrieussecq’s novel finds herself inexplicably slowly transforming into a porcine animal. When reading novel an immediate question is raised to us as readers: Why a pig in particular? The pig is not a diametrically opposed to us like an invertebrate or a cold blooded reptile or amphibian. But then a …

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